About me

  • Focussed, passionate, & strategic leader offering 25+ years of exemplary contribution in Environmental Sustainability and Labour Laws and Social Audit work under positive influence of vision & philosophy of Govt. of India leadership
  • USP lies in providing tactical & operational direction and leading the delivery of the Social Responsibility/Community Development projects on multiple social concerns – Environment Conservation, Cleanliness, Health, and Education 
  • Proven success in providing leadership for conceptualizing, implementing, & managing programs; proficient with systems strengthening approach, advocacy, networking, & public relations
  • Sought-after for deep strategic insight on Labour Laws to improve existing policies, reviving underperforming legal function, and aligning end-to-end legal system to ensure Zero-defect.
  • Direct & fair leader who mobilizes and empowers staff with courage to develop and achieve individual goals in alignment with organizational mission, values, & vision
  • Having a sense of humor, humility, and the ability to maintain perspective in the face of uncertainty.
  • POSH Training, Compliance expert
  • Social Auditor

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